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About Our Medical Clinic

Alsalam Medical Group establish on 2012 it has since expanded into 

four clinics. It is a full pledged polyclinic that specializes in a vast range of medical field. Staffed by experienced medical personal, certified by ministry of public health. It has a day care unit for minimally invasive procedures, as well on - site laboratory, pharmacy diagnosis imaging center.

Alsalam Medical Group is one of leading primary and specialist health providers in the Qatar region, providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost.

Our Services


Dental Clinics

Gum treatment (nerve filling)
Dental implants
Cosmetic dentistry with porcelain
Hollywood Smile
Composite veneer
Dental caries treatment
Teeth whitening
Take off wisdom teeth and impacted teeth

Treating gum disease and removing pigmentation


Dermatology Clinics

Hydrophysical sessions
Mesotherapy and plasma injection
Botox for wrinkles and hyperhidrosis
Injecting filters for the lips and face
Laser peeling
Fruit acid chemical peeling
Carbon laser
Treatment of warts and moles


OBS & GYN Clinics

Conducting obstetric and gynecological surgeries
3D and 4D ultrasound
Ovulation control
Follow-up of high-risk pregnancies
Determine the gender of the newborn
Investigation for abnormalities
Treatment of breast diseases
The insertion and removal of the coil
Follow-up and treatment of recurrent miscarriages
Treating gynecological conditions such as (bleeding, menstrual disorders, hormonal disorders, gynecological infections)


Pediatric Clinics

Treatment of asthma and chest allergy
Follow-up of growth and disorders in children
Follow up on eating disorders and weight
Make the necessary periodic checks for schools

and kindergartens
Follow-up of diabetes for children


Internal Medicine Clinics

Treatment of endocrine diseases and diabetes
Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension
Diabetes and its treatment
Follow-up of obese patients and description of Saxenda slimming needles
Thyroid disease
Diagnosis and follow-up of internal diseases
Home visits for the elderly and children


ENT Clinics

Respiratory diseases, headaches, chronic sinusitis

and olfactory problems
Oral diseases, almonds and polyps
Treatment of diseases of the inner ear, vertigo, dizziness

and loss of balance
Treatment of nosebleeds and extraction of foreign bodies

from the nose, mouth and ear
Ear, nose and throat problems and hearing problems

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Medical Insurance

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GP, ENT. Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Pediatrics

Obstetric & Gynecology, Dental, Laboratory, Pharmacy