Our dynamic team of medical and administrative staff at Al Salam Medical Polyclinic Center is dedicated to the highest calibre of patient care. Joining our clinics is a commitment to excellence in work ethics, moral conscientiousness, professional integrity, and continuous education.
If you believe that you are a suitable candidate to join our hospital, kindly email us at alinjazpolyclinic@gmail.com with the following details:

  •  Full name

  •  Position you would like to be considered for

  •  Curriculum vitae (C.V)

  •  At least 1 reference letter

  •  Medical licenses / university degrees

Contact us: 

74040025 - 30585057 - 44514865

We understand that you exerted a lot of time and energy into applying for a job. However, we can’t provide information about the status of an application. Our recruiters carefully assess your skills and experience for the role you apply for. If there’s a potential match, a recruiter will get in touch with you directly.

Available Positions

  1. Dentist general practitioner

  2. Endodontist – (Male)

  3. Orthodontist – (Male)

  4. Dental Technician

  5. Dermatologist

  6. General practitioner

  7. Nurses – Female

  8. Laboratory specialist (Clinical Pathology)

  9. Medical Admin

  10. Medical Coder

  11. Receptionist

  12. Accountant

  13. CCTV Engineer

  14. CCTV Technician

  15. Drivers (Nepal, India, Sri Lanka)